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Welcome to the NaGISA Project Online!

What is NaGISA?

NaGISA is a Census of Marine Life (CoML) Ocean Realm Field Project (See Introduction Slideshow).

It is a collaborative effort aimed at inventorying and monitoring coastal biodiversity. NaGISA, Japanese for the nearshore zone, encourages international cooperation and capacity building while linking CoML goals with local interests. Read more.


NaGISA shares information on coastal biodiversity to the world through workshops, meetings, etc. Read more.


NaGISA encourages and promotes students, teachers, and researchers to participate aiming to spread knowledge about biodiversity, ecology, & taxonomy. Read more.


NaGISA works with low-tech and standardized protocols that can be easily replicated by members or interested parties. Read more.


NaGISA sampling data is submitted to database
(Blue Box) where NaGISA participants can access. All data are
also incorporated into Ocean Biogeographical
Information System